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Through his life coaching, he enables others to simplify their life, get in touch with who they really are and what they believe in so they can live, act and think in accordance with their values.

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Taking time to get away from the craziness around you will help you refresh and renew your soul.


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2 Trucker Inspired Tips for Better Communication

I grew up when citizen band (CB) radios were the ‘in thing’ for technology ( I know I’m showing my age) and were mostly used by truckers to communicate with each other. There are two things that we can learn from the truckers’ form of communication that can help bring peace to ourselves and our […]

Newton’s Law of Happiness

Who would have thought Sir Isaac Newton could help you find happiness in your life? Before we reveal that, let’s first review his first law of motion as described in First Law The first law says that an object at rest tends to stay at rest, and an object in motion tends to stay […]

Who’s Behind The Mask?

It’s Halloween time again with lots of little ones coming up to us with their cries of ‘trick or treat’. It’s fun to see all the costumes and trying to figure out who’s hiding behind the mask. Whereas these masks are intentionally put on and for fun, how often do you unknowingly hide behind a […]

I Surrender

When you see the word surrender, what comes to mind?  It usually signifies defeat, giving up, giving in or waving the white flag.  It’s associated with weakness.  I’ve come to realize a different meaning for surrender. About six months ago, I kept noticing the word surrender in what I read or heard, so I wrote […]

I Can’t Wait

I was recalling the other day our honeymoon which involved a bit of driving and on one stretch we were driving from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe. During my 35 years I had become a very time regimented person so it was only natural that I would do a search to find out exactly how […]

Parents Find Gold In Their Dirt-Covered Child

There’s a show on Discovery channel called Gold Rush which is about three groups who are in Alaska mining for gold. The show documents all the trials and tribulations they go through in order to discover the buried gold buy digging and moving layers and layers of dirt all the way down to the bedrock. […]